Diversity and Inclusivity: Black History Month

Less than 3% of Commercial Airline Pilots in the United States are black. We are trying to change that. Sling Pilot Academy is proud of our diverse Student and Instructor bodies. We believe strongly in diversity and inclusion. We recognize the need for more black pilots in the skies. And we’re not just sitting around, twiddling our thumbs – we’re actively partnering with organizations that are all about promoting diversity and inclusion in aviation. Sling Pilot Academy knows that representation matters, and we’re doing our part to make sure black pilots good opportunities in aviation. With a focus on providing equal opportunities for success, we’re making aviation a more colorful and exciting place to be. So come on, join the fun – the sky’s the limit!

We caught up with some of our Students and Instructors during Black History Month to find out what it means to be black in aviation today…



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