Private Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate (called a PPL – Private Pilot License – in many countries) is typically the first rating achieved on your journey as a pilot. For many it is the only pilot rating achieved and allows you to fly an airplane all over the world, day or night, with passengers (not for hire). For those who only desire to fly during daytime and with only a 2-seat airplane, we also offer the Sport Pilot Certificate.

Deciding to learn to fly and become a Pilot is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make. The ability to fly gives you the freedom to travel above the traffic and makes your world a smaller place. The dream of flight is a reality and you can do it!

To earn a Private Pilot Certificate, a pilot must:

  • Be 17 years of age (16 to solo)
  • Read, speak, write and understand English
  • Hold at least a 3rd Class medical

Non-US Citizens need to pass a TSA Background check before training commences

The FAA minimum flight hours required are:

  • 40 hours total time (national average 70 +), including at least:
    • 20 hours dual instruction (with a flight instructor), including
      • 3 hours dual Cross-Country training
      • 3 hours night training
      • 3 hours Instrument training
    • 10 hours Solo flight, including
      • 5 hours solo Cross-Country
  • Take and Pass the FAA Private (PAR) Knowledge Test (Computer Written Test)
  • Take and Pass a Practical Test (Checkride) consisting of an oral test and a flight test with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Becoming a Private Pilot

Private Pilot training at Sling Pilot Academy - FAA Private Certificate - Learn to fly

The journey to becoming a Private Pilot will challenge your mind, your senses and your physical ability, but almost anyone with at least average aptitude and ability can do it!

The path to becoming a Private Pilot looks like this:


Introductory Flight Lesson

Come take an initial Introductory Flight Lesson with us. This will give you a taste of what flying is about and confirm that you have selected the correct flight school. Our flight school has the community and professionalism to make your flight training a great (and social) experience. Selecting the right flight school is important – the airplanes are important (and having enough of them!) as are the Instructors and as is the ability to maintain the airplanes so that you always have safe airplanes available.



When you enroll (form below) the next step is to sit down with us for your New Student Meeting where we go over your goals and dreams as a pilot, as well as look at how often you want to fly and whether it is purely for the love of aviation or whether you have ambitions as a Professional Pilot. At this meeting we will assign an instructor who looks to be a good match with your personality, ambitions and schedule availability.


Purchase Required Equipment and King Schools Ground School

Click here for Student Requirements

Structured Syllabus with Phase Checks

Sling Pilot Academy uses a structured syllabus so you always know where you are with your progress. Learning to be a pilot can be daunting at times, so having a clear roadmap is important. After each Stage in your training you will have a Phase Check with our Chief Instructor or a Check Instructor to double-check your training and make sure each of our pilots is proficient and meets the high standard we have set.

Private Pilot groun training at Sling Pilot Academy - FAA Private Certificate - Learn to fly


Please see our Pricing Page/Hourly Rates for our latest hourly rates. Sling Pilot Academy always strives to offer the best value. We focus on the needs and progress of our Students. We will help you reach your aviation goals in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining a high standard of safety and proficiency.

Typical lessons are scheduled in 2-hour blocks, except for longer flights and cross-countries, etc. A typical block will have approximately 1-1.5 hrs of flight time and at least 0.3 hrs of additional Ground instruction for CFI brief, preflight, postflight debrief and logbook endorsement. Additional Ground instruction time will be provided on an as-needed basis.

Beware that many flight schools will quote based on the FAA minimum time of 40 hrs for Private, however the average is 70+.

A rough guestimate of total cost to get your Private Certificate is $15,000-$20,000 including all tests, medical and final checkride.

Click Here for Interactive Cost Estimator

Go at Your Pace

Sling Pilot Academy specializes in accelerated training programs. We understand sometimes time is of the essence to meet the requirements for a flying job. And we understand that some people want to take it slow. The more frequently you fly the less time you’ll spend achieving your rating, since you won’t need to relearn as much with each lesson. We recommend flying twice a week (or more if you can), but not less than once a week if at all possible.


Everyone Learns Differently

Some people prefer to throw themselves at our King Schools Computer Based Training. Others prefer to spend more interactive time with their Flight Instructor for Ground Knowledge. Everyone is different and we recognize that. We take an active interest in your learning and we work with you to make sure your needs are being met.


Start anytime!

We have enough Instructors to assist with your training at your convenience. And we have Examiners on site every 3-6 weeks to conduct Checkrides.

Why Sling Pilot Academy?

Safer Airplanes

  • We operate Sling NGT airplanes. They are Next Generation Trainers, with modern glass cockpit avionics.
  • Our Slings are new, have great visibility and are a joy to fly.
  • Our Slings burn unleaded car gas, making them more environmentally friendly and contributing to our lower costs.
  • Our airplanes have ADS-B traffic displayed in each cockpit for good situational awareness.

Quick Progress

  • We have over 26 Sling NGT’s and ample CFI’s able to cater to your requirements (fly every day if you’d like).
  • We have in-house maintenance, which means less aircraft downtime.

Lower Cost

  • Because our airplanes are more efficient to operate we pass on lower pricing to our Students.

Great Location, Great Weather

  • Torrance airport, with its 2 runways and practice area 5 minutes away, is ideal for training.
  • Enjoy Los Angeles near the beach while not flying.
  • We have great weather almost year-round.

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