First Steps

A Sling Pilot Academy staff member will assist you through this entire process.  You don’t necessarily have to take each of the steps in this order but this guide will give you an idea of most everything you need to do to get started.  For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


Make sure you can meet the Prerequisites

Check prerequisites here.

  • Age
  • Legal Status
  • Height and Weight
  • Ability to get First Class Medical Certificate
  • Ability to fund course


Step 1

Apply for a First Class Airman’s Medical Certificate.

If you are serious about a career as a commercial pilot, you must first make sure that you are in a position to pass a first class medical.  The medical is performed by an Aeromedical Examiner (AME). You can find an AME near you at . Once you have found an AME you can complete the initial portion of the application at (FAA MedXpress).  Note: Please ensure your name on your medical certificate matches your drivers license exactly.

Important Medical Note: certain medical conditions and medications are disqualifying. Please educate yourself to ensure you do not have a medical condition, psychiatric disorder, or take medication that could render you unable to earn a First Class Medical (required to be an airline pilot). Ref: FAA Disqualifying Conditions; FAA Disqualifying Medications; AOPA Medical Resources.


Step 2

Apply for Financing (skip to Step 3 if not required)

If you require financial assistance it’s best to begin the process early.  You must be able to demonstrate financial independence or have a Guarantor (co-signer) for the loan.  Sling Pilot Academy is partnered with several lenders for flight training financing. You can apply for for a loan to cover some or all of the costs involved in our program.


Step 3

Complete the online Sling Pilot Academy Enrollment Form
(Requires $1,000 deposit – applied towards training).


Step 4

Meet all of the prerequisites (including financing secured 1 month prior to start date) to lock in your start date.


Step 5

Once you are accepted and have your start date locked in and your enrollment secured, go to Enrollee Requirements to find information on equipment required, payment schedules and policies. Congratulations – your path to an airline pilot career is underway!