Hourly Aircraft and CFI Pricing/Cost


Sling Pilot Academy always strives to offer the best value. We focus on the needs and progress of our Students. We will help you reach your aviation goals in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining a high standard of safety and proficiency.


If not enrolled in one of our Accelerated 6-month or 9-month courses, our hourly rates are as follows:


Sling NGT (Next Generation Trainer – VFR/IFR – VMC Only): $180/hr (wet)
Sling TSi (dual transition training and BFR’s only – can fly IMC): $220/hr (wet)
Super Decathlon (tailwheel/spins/upset/aerobatics): $245/hr (wet)
Tecnam P2006T (IFR-Certified Twin): $345/hr (wet)
Redbird AATD Certified Flight Sim (hrs count towards Commercial): $80/hr
Redbird BATD Certified Flight Sim: $40/hr
CFI (Flight Instructor – SEL): $70/hr
MEI (Flight Instructor – MEL): $80/hr
CFI (Flight Instructor – Tailwheel/Aerobatic): $105/hr


Note: typical lessons are scheduled in 2-hour blocks, except for longer flights and cross-countries, etc. A typical block will have approximately 1-1.5 hrs of flight time and at least 0.3 hrs of additional Ground instruction for CFI brief, preflight, postflight debrief and logbook endorsement. Additional Ground instruction time will be provided on an as-needed basis.