International Enrollee Requirements
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Please print this page if required and use as checklist

Below is a list of requirements and policies for SPA International Enrollees

When you arrive at Sling Pilot Academy on your first day, please bring the following documents:

  • Passport
  • M1 Student Visa
  • TSA Approval
  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate (Required to Start Course)

Important Medical Note: certain medical conditions and medications are disqualifying. Please educate yourself to ensure you do not have a medical condition, psychiatric disorder, or take medication that could render you unable to earn a First Class Medical (required to be an airline pilot). Ref: FAA Disqualifying Conditions; FAA Disqualifying Medications; AOPA Medical Resources.

English Language Proficiency Check

Contact us to Schedule an interview to evaluate your English Language proficiency. If you do not meet the standards we will provide solutions to improve your English or refund your Enrollment Fee fully.

Schedule after enrolling in an International Course.

I-20 Receipt and M1 Visa Interview:
Our International Student Advisor and SEVIS DSO will assist you with any questions and will issue an I-20. You will use this to schedule an appointment at a US Embassy to interview for your M1 Student Visa.

This can take weeks or months. You will be required to show that you have the financial ability to pay for the course as well as living expenses for the duration.

Sling Pilot Academy charges a $395 Fee to issue an I-20.

TSA Background Check:
Non-US Citizens are required to go through the TSA Background check process for Initial, Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings. The TSA Background Check is a brief background check that verifies no criminal record or contact with terrorist elements. TSA Instructions here: Los Angeles, CA (KTOA) Instructions, San Diego, CA (KSEE) Instructions.

This process can take 2-3 weeks before initial approval. It requires some government fees and fingerprinting.

FAA Validation of a Foreign Pilot License:
If you have a Pilot Certificate from another country you may be able to get an FAA Validation at the Private Pilot level with no tests or checkrides. This can take some months, but can be useful if you already hold a Pilot License. Instructions here: FAA Validation

Complete King Schools Private Pilot Computer-Based Training – Mandatory

For Students starting with the Private Pilot Course we require King Schools Private Pilot CBT to be complete (watch all videos and take all quizzes) before the course start date. We have found that this allows for the best progress through our fast-paced program, and the best benefit from our daily Group Ground sessions, which then solidify and expand the Student’s knowledge. Students who do not complete these CBT modules before the course start date have a harder time staying ahead of the material during the Private Pilot portion of the Course.

Note: Students who have not completed this CBT Course at the course start date may not be scheduled for flight instruction until they have completed it. They may still attend Group Ground Sessions, however.


For Students starting with the Instrument Rating, completion of the King Schools Instrument Rating CBT modules is only optional since Students are rated pilots at this point and have an easier time moving forward with the new knowledge (versus the initial exposure to aviation, the FAA, aviation knowledge that an ab initio pilot experiences).

When you arrive on your first day, please bring the following required equipment.

For SPA Student to Purchase:

Note: This equipment is required and is not supplied by SPA.

  • iPad Wifi + Cellular Model (no cell service required)
    Please see ForeFlight iPad Buyers Guide

    • Note 1: SPA recommends iPad mini or next size up at the most (for easy cockpit fitment).
    • Note 2: You don’t necessarily need Service with your iPad Wifi + Cellular, but you need the GPS receiver that this model contains.
  • Headset
  • Flight computer E6B electronic
  • Flight bag
  • Kneeboard (must be narrow see below)
  • Foggles
  • FAA Chart LA Sectional
  • FAA Chart LA TAC
  • Sectional plotter


Please see below for links to products we recommend that can be purchased online.


Product Links


The payment schedule for each course is shown below:

Full Course Starting from Zero Time*

Initial Deposit $1,000.00
Due 1 Week Prior to Class
Due at 3 Months $25,665.00
Due at 6 Months $25,665.00
Total Course Cost $77,995.00


Course Starting from Private Pilot (and 80 hrs TT)*

Initial Deposit $1,000.00
Due 1 Week Prior to Class $20,198.33
Due at 2 Months $20,198.33
Due at 4 Months $20,198.33
Total Course Cost $61,595.00

*Course Fee does not include FAA Knowledge Test Fees and Examiner/Checkride Fees and some required equipment

Sling Pilot Academy charges a $395 Fee to issue an I-20.

Shorter Courses

For courses shorter than our 6 and 9-month courses payments will be made in advance, via wire transfer, in several payments.


Payment Methods

Payment method is via wire transfer or check.

Make check out to Sling Pilot Academy and mail to (for all locations):

Sling Pilot Academy
3401 Airport Dr, Ste E
Torrance, CA 90505

Send Wire Transfers as follows:

Account name: Sling Pilot Academy
Account number: 325012240562
Routing number for wire transfers: 026009593
SWIFT Code for wire transfers: BOFAUS3N
Bank: Bank of America

Sling Pilot Academy Uses the following Applications:

  • King Schools CTA (Course Tracking Application)
    Provided with your class at no additional cost


  • ForeFlight Business Pro including ForeFlight Logbook
    Provided at an additional cost of $20/month (note – if you have an existing ForeFlight Subscription we will help you freeze it and switch over to our Business Pro Subscription)

    • Please download and install ForeFlight App on your iPad. It contains Sling Pilot Academy Documents as well as FAA references such as FAR/AIM, AFM.


Our Course is a Full-Time Program

SPA is a full-time program. Students are expected to be on SPA premises from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Some lessons will begin at 7am and some will go beyond 5pm. In the event that a student requires additional instruction, cross-country practice, or night-time instruction, student schedules may be modified (and in the event of weather). Late shows or no shows for lessons will be charged an additional 1.5 hours of flight time.

International Students are required to be on premises engaged in flight training, simulator training, ground school, self-study or in mentor sessions at least 22 hours per week to maintain legal M1 Student status.

SPA students must maintain a professional appearance and conduct themselves in a respectable manner.


  • SPA Students will be provided with SPA shirts.
  • Pants or shorts may be worn
  • Closed dress shoes or sneakers may be worn
  • SPA caps will be provided


All SPA students and instructors must maintain good hygiene since pilots and CFI’s occupy the same close space in the aircraft and simulators. Please take care of body odors and oral hygiene

Aircraft Checklist Policy

All Academy Students will be provided 2 Sling Checklists upon arrival to be maintained by the Student and used in the airplane. Any additional checklists required can be purchased at Dispatch.

Aircraft Renters Insurance

Aircraft Renters Insurance (also known as non-owned aviation insurance) is recommended. All Sling Pilot Academy airplanes are fully insured (with liability insurance), but there are instances where having additional liability insurance can be beneficial to the pilot/student/instructor. We recommend you get at least the minimum liability insurance and some hull insurance as well. Get as much as you can afford.

Who do we recommend for Aircraft Renters Insurance?

We recommend for Aircraft Renters Insurance. With you can customize your policy according to your needs – more than any other insurer. For example, annual premiums for student pilots with no experience can be as low as $71 for minimum liability coverage. Add $20,000 in hull coverage and the rate rises to $286. With greater experience and additional ratings, the cost of coverage can decrease.

Another great advantage to is how easy to use it is. You can get to their portal from any device and get coverage in 3 minutes. They also have 5 stars rated customer support and are coverage partners with Global Aerospace – a well-known insurer that has been around since 1924.

AOPA Pilot Protection Services

AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services knows that your pilot and medical certificates mean everything to you, and that’s why their trusted Legal Services Plan attorneys and Medical Certification Specialists are there to help protect you when things don’t go as planned.

Sling Pilot Academy recommends PPS Basic for pilots wanting extra protection for their certificate and PPS Plus for Commercial Pilots or Flight Instructors.

Medical Insurance

International Student Health/Travel Insurance is recommended for students traveling to the United States, and can cover unexpected medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation.

Sling Pilot Academy does not recommend any providers, but examples of some options are:





Sling Pilot Academy offers several accommodation options 5 minutes away from Torrance Airport.

Student housing apartments and houses come fully-furnished and each student will be provided with a twin size bed, mattress and mattress cover. Students will be responsible for providing their own bedding. Washing of bedding will be the responsibility of the student. Billing for housing will be weekly in advance.

Price is $225 per week, for a shared room.
Price is $425 per week, for own room.

A $250 security deposit will be collected at start.
Note: Some housing requires Renters Insurance, which we will handle for a fee.

Los Angeles, CA (KTOA) Accommodation Map:

San Diego, CA (KSEE) Accommodation Map:

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes plans change and sometimes things don’t work out. Both you and SPA reserve the right to terminate your training at any time. With our satisfaction guarantee, if this occurs within 1 month of starting, you will receive a refund of the pro-rated unused amount in a timely manner. After the first month, you will receive a refund of the pro-rated unused amount less a $2,500 administrative fee.