Accelerated Airline Pilot Program


Starting From Cost Time frame
Zero Time $62,595 9 Months, full time, week days
Private Pilots License $45,595 6 Months, full time, week days


Why Sling Pilot Academy?

  • Hands down the most cost effective full time program that gets you ready to start your career as a commercial pilot
  • Option to stay on with us as an instructor to build your 1,500 hours
  • Glass panel in all Sling trainers
  • Be employable by an airline in approximately 2 ¼ years. After your initial 9 months of training you will need about 1.5 years as an instructor to get your 1,500 total hours
  • Learn in a modern aircraft that’s fun to fly  We encourage you to Fly a Sling and a Cessna so you can compare!  To use a car analogy it would be like comparing driving a 60s VW to a modern sports car.
  • We build aircraft onsite so you will gain some building and servicing experience during your training.  Learning more about aircraft construction will make you a better pilot!
  • At 500 hours total flight time, you can begin earning airline sponsored tuition reimbursement
  • Job placement assistance
  • Accommodation available at $225 per week
  • We use the full, and well proven, Kings Schools curriculum


Certifications Achieved:

Private Pilot
Instrument Rating
Commercial Single and Multi Engine
Certified Flight Instructor Single Engine, Multi Engine and Instrument
FAA Knowledge Tests: PAR, IRA, CAX, FIA, FII, FOI


Flight Time:

Single Engine 200 hours
Multi Engine 30 hours
Simulator Time 100 hours*

*50 hours on an FAA approved simulator