Professional Pilot Course

Accelerated Airline Pilot Program

At Sling Pilot Academy, our Professional Pilot Course stands out for its holistic teaching approach, where we try to help all students across the finish line to make it to their dream career. We leverage the industry-renowned King Schools curriculum, complemented by daily guided discussion group ground school classes. And our “Under My Wing” mentor program truly sets us apart. This fusion of top-tier curriculum, interactive learning, and individual mentorship shapes well-rounded pilots, equipped not only with technical prowess but also essential soft skills vital for a thriving aviation career. Add to this our state-of-the-art Sling NGT training aircraft and you have a recipe for success.

Current Course Pricing:

Starting From… Cost
Time frame
Zero Time $77,995* 9 Months, full time, week days
Private Pilots License (with 80 hrs TT) $61,595* 6 Months, full time, week days


*Course Fee does not include FAA Knowledge Test Fees and Examiner/Checkride Fees and some required equipment


We are 70% less than a 4-year school and about 20% less than other competitors!


Who We Are…


Why Sling Pilot Academy?

  • Hands down the most cost effective full time program that gets you ready to start your career as a commercial pilot
  • Option to stay on with us as an instructor to build your 1,500 hours
  • Glass panel in all Sling trainers
  • Be employable by an airline in approximately 2 ¼ years. After your initial 9 months of training you will need about 1.5 years as an instructor to get your 1,500 total hours
  • Learn in a modern Sling aircraft that’s fun to fly  We encourage you to Fly a Sling, Cessna and/or Archer so you can compare!  To use a car analogy it would be like comparing driving a ’60s VW to a modern sports car.
  • We build aircraft onsite so you will gain some building and servicing experience during your training.  Learning and understanding more about aircraft construction will make you a better pilot!
  • $15,000 tuition reimbursement available from our partner SkyWest Airlines
  • Job placement assistance – We don’t limit our students to just one, or a small group of, regional airlines.  It doesn’t matter who has the best tuition reimbursement or job offer when you start your training – we’ll help place you with the regional airline that has the best deal for you when you finish your training and have built some hours!  We recommend you make your decision based on: tuition reimbursement, signing bonuses, initial pay-scale, and future prospects.  You will be in demand!  So it’s important to keep your options open until you’re ready.
  • Accommodation available at $225 per week (shared room) or $425 per week (own room)
  • We use the full, and well proven, Kings Schools curriculum


Certifications Achieved:

Private Pilot (PPL)
Instrument Rating (IR)
Commercial Single (CPLSE)
Commercial Multi Engine (CPLME)
Certified Flight Instructor Single Engine (CFISE)
Certified Flight Instructor Multi Engine (MEI)
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)
FAA Knowledge Tests: PAR, IRA, CAX, FIA, FII, FOI


Flight Time (Full 9-Month Course Starting from Zero):

Single Engine up to 200 hours
Multi Engine up to 30 hours
AATD Simulator Time up to 50 hours*

*Unlimited BATD Simulator Solo/Mentor time


Flight Time (6-Month Course Starting from at least Private and 80hrs):

Single Engine up to 120 hours
Multi Engine up to 30 hours
AATD Simulator Time up to 50 hours*

*Unlimited BATD Simulator Solo/Mentor time


Note: Student may use up to the flight hours displayed above to achieve ratings. If all ratings are achieved in less flight hours, no credit will be given. If student goes over the maximum included course hours listed above, additional hours will be charged at regular hourly aircraft/instructor rates.


A Day in the Life at Sling Pilot Academy


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