Club Student Requirements
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Please print this page if required and use as checklist

Below is a list of requirements and policies for SPA Club Students starting with an initial rating with us.

Required Documents

When you start your training at Sling Pilot Academy CLUB, please bring the following documents:

  • US Passport or Birth Certificate (if US Citizen)
  • Drivers License
  • FAA Third Class Medical Certificate (unless going for Sport Pilot Certificate)

Important Medical Note: certain medical conditions and medications are disqualifying. Please educate yourself to ensure you do not have a medical condition, psychiatric disorder, or take medication that could render you unable to earn a Third Class Medical (if required – not required for Sport Pilot). Ref: FAA Disqualifying Conditions; FAA Disqualifying Medications; AOPA Medical Resources.

As your training progresses, we recommend you purchase the following items:

For SPA Student to Purchase:

  • iPad Wifi + Cellular Model (no cell service required)
    Please see ForeFlight iPad Buyers Guide

    • Note 1: SPA recommends iPad mini or next size up at the most (for easy cockpit fitment).
    • Note 2: You don’t necessarily need Service with your iPad Wifi + Cellular, but you need the GPS receiver that this model contains.
  • Headset
  • Flight computer E6B electronic
  • Flight bag
  • Kneeboard (must be narrow see below)
  • FAA Chart LA Sectional (Buy at Sling Pilot Academy)
  • FAA Chart LA TAC (Buy at Sling Pilot Academy)
  • King Schools Digital Ground School (Buy at Sling Pilot Academy)

Please see below for links to products we recommend that can be purchased online.


Product Links


King Schools Digital Ground School Courses

Sling Pilot Academy uses King Schools digital pilot courses to help prepare Students for the knowledge and practical tests. These courses include videos, written material and practice tests that allow the student to prepare in their own time at home. The courses are inexpensive ($364 typically), and this saves a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent with your flight instructor doing ground instruction (at $70/hr). By using this courseware, time with your flight instructor on the ground is primarily for review and any additional questions. Also, with our King Schools packages, Instructors can monitor your progress via our admin dashboard and keep track of your efforts.

Sling Pilot Academy Uses the following Applications:

  • King Schools CTA (Course Tracking Application)
    Provided with your class at no additional cost if you purchase King Schools Digital Ground School from Sling Pilot Academy.


  • ForeFlight Business Pro including ForeFlight Logbook
    Use your own subscription or get on our Business Plan as an option – at an additional cost of $20/month (note – if you have an existing ForeFlight Subscription we will help you freeze it and switch over to our Business Pro Subscription)

    • Please download and install ForeFlight App on your iPad. It contains Sling Pilot Academy Documents as well as FAA references such as FAR/AIM, AFM.


Cancellation Policy

Sling Pilot Academy has a full schedule and relies on on-time starts of flights and lessons. We require 24-hour notice for changes/cancellations. Please arrive 15 minutes before your lesson start time. Late shows, no-shows and late cancellations for lessons (not related to weather/health) will be charged an additional 1.5 hours of airplane rental time after one courtesy warning. 1 hour of CFI time may also be assessed.

Aircraft Checklist Policy

All Club Students are required to purchase and maintain their own Sling Checklists (912iS and 912ULS) and Tecnam Twin checklist (if a multi-engine student) from Dispatch.

Aircraft Renters Insurance

Aircraft Renters Insurance (also known as non-owned aviation insurance) is recommended. All Sling Pilot Academy airplanes are fully insured (with liability insurance), but there are instances where having additional liability insurance can be beneficial to the pilot/student/instructor. We recommend you get at least the minimum liability insurance and some hull insurance as well. Get as much as you can afford.

Who do we recommend for Aircraft Renters Insurance?

We recommend for Aircraft Renters Insurance. With you can customize your policy according to your needs – more than any other insurer. For example, annual premiums for student pilots with no experience can be as low as $71 for minimum liability coverage. Add $20,000 in hull coverage and the rate rises to $286. With greater experience and additional ratings, the cost of coverage can decrease.

Another great advantage to is how easy to use it is. You can get to their portal from any device and get coverage in 3 minutes. They also have 5 stars rated customer support and are coverage partners with Global Aerospace – a well-known insurer that has been around since 1924.

AOPA Pilot Protection Services

AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services knows that your pilot and medical certificates mean everything to you, and that’s why their trusted Legal Services Plan attorneys and Medical Certification Specialists are there to help protect you when things don’t go as planned.

Sling Pilot Academy recommends PPS Basic for pilots wanting extra protection for their certificate and PPS Plus for Commercial Pilots or Flight Instructors.