First Steps

A Sling Pilot Academy staff member will assist you through this entire process.  You don’t necessarily have to take each of the steps in this order but this guide will give you an idea of most everything you need to do to get started.  For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


Make sure you meet the Prerequisites

Check prerequisites here.

  • Age
  • Legal Status
  • Height and Weight
  • Ability to get First Class Medical Certificate
  • Ability to fund course


Step 1

Funds Secured: Ensure that you have bank statements showing proof of funds to sustain your tuition and living expenses for the duration of course.


Step 2

Enroll: Complete the online Sling Pilot Academy Enrollment Form
(Requires $1,000 deposit to secure position and includes $395 I-20 Issue Fee).


Step 3

English Language Proficiency Check: Contact us to Schedule an interview to evaluate your English Language. If you do not meet the standards we will provide solutions to improve your English or refund your Enrollment Fee fully.


Step 4

I-20 Receipt and M1 Visa Interview: Our International Student Advisor and SEVIS DSO will assist you with any questions and will issue an I-20. You will use this to schedule an appointment at a US Embassy to interview for your M1 Student Visa.


Step 5

TSA Background Check: Go through the TSA Background check process which is a brief background check that verifies no criminal record or contact with terrorist elements. TSA Instructions here: Los Angeles, CA (KTOA) Instructions, San Diego, CA (KSEE) Instructions.


Step 6

If you have a Pilot Certificate from another country you may be able to get an FAA Validation at the Private Pilot level with no tests or checkrides. This can take some months, but can be useful if you already hold a Pilot License. Instructions here: FAA Validation


Step 7

Once you are accepted and have your start date locked in and your enrollment secured, go to Enrollee Requirements to find information on equipment required, payment schedules and policies. Congratulations – your path to an airline pilot career is underway!