Being an Airline Pilot is a Great Career Again

According to Boeing, the Pilot (Airline Pilot Career) and Technician Outlook for 2017-2036 is:

Pilot World Demand – 637,000
31,850 per year, 87 per day!

Technician World Demand – 648,000
32,400 per year, 89 per day!

As a Result of the Pilot Shortage…

  • Starting salaries at the regional airlines and others are now increasing to $40 – $50/hr along with huge signing bonuses of $30,000 – $50,000. 1st year up to >$80,000 total
  • A senior pilot at a major airline flying a 777 will make $320/hr – >$300,000/yr
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  • Pilots are moving from regional to major airlines in as little as 3 years
  • Airlines are covering some tuition fees and setting up career paths while pilots are still students
  • Military pilots are receiving annual bonuses and additional benefits to stop them from leaving
  • This has all happened in just a few short years so look for the benefits to increase as the shortage becomes worse – as a tsunami of pilots retire over the next decade or more
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It’s unheard of in other industries for starting salaries to double and triple in just 2-3 years!


Here are some reasons to become a pilot…


Is the Airline Pilot Career still a good one in the post-COVID-19 era?



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