Some of our Certified Flight Instructors…

The best, most-passionate CFI’s, ready to share their knowledge

Anastasia Vetrova
Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Land, CFI


One day after graduating college, a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, I made an appointment for a discovery flight at the Santa Barbara airport and positively fell in love with flying. I quit teaching preschool, got a license as a massage therapist to help pay for flying lessons and within a year I had a Private Pilot certificate. I now work as a CFI with students and professional pilots focusing on single- engine Private, Sport, and Commercial certification. Currently, my focus is teaching. I am also a student of aviation. In aviation, knowledge is abundant. There is always something more to learn. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge bank and sharing my passion with other people. I am very lucky to be working with many talented and hardworking people at Sling Flying Club. I enjoy flying the Sling because it makes flying feel effortless. The Sling is modern, light, sophisticated, and young. My future plans entail working with wildlife filmmaking crews. I also have hopes of flying around the world. Flying is something that I really love. I feel so blessed doing what I love. I hope everyone can say the same.
Sam Mansolino
Certified Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot: Airplane, CFI, CFII, MEI


Flight experience:
Part 121 regional airline pilot
Part 135 charter pilot
Corporate pilot
Flight Safety International Simulator and CPT Instructor
Pilot Ratings given/endorsed as CFI;
Private, Commercial, Multi Engine, Instrument, and ATP.
Some aircraft flown:
Cessna-150/152, 172, 182, 205, 208 Caravan, 210, 210P, 303, 310, 414, 421,
Cherokee, Arrow, Lance, Seneca,
Bonanza, Baron, King Air 350,
Metro III
The Airplane Factory Sling LSA

Personal Aviation Goals:
To share my lifelong aviation passion with like-minded students and aviators who place high-value on the importance of continued learning, and enhancement of piloting skills for safety, personal growth and enjoyment.

Omar Quol
Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor - Sport Airplane


"My passion for aviation started at a very young age and as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a pilot. I grew up going to air shows, building model airplanes with my Dad and listening to my uncles flying stories, an F-5 Tiger II and T-37 Tweet instructor pilot, and currently a captain on the airbus A320. After graduating high school I enrolled in aviation classes at Orange Coast College and began working towards my private pilot certificate in the Sling out of John Wayne Orange County Airport.
I am passionate about teaching and my goal is to pass on my love of flying with others. I'm very fortunate to be able to work with so many talented professionals at The Sling Flying Club and I am looking forward to teaching in the incredible Sling LSA"

Tomas Martinez
Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane SEL; Instrument Airplane


Tomas come from an aviation family. His brother works in Aviation and his father was a mechanic for Continental Airlines. He would take Tomas to Continental and sit him in the cockpits of aircraft and full motion simulators as a child. Tomas fell in love with the “wall of clocks” (gauges). In 1978 at the age of sixteen, Tomas soloed at Santa Monica Airport. He built model airplanes as a kid and still flies them now. He owns an Experimental plane, the Bede BD5. It was featured in the James Bond movie Octopussy, and Tomas currently working towards its first flight.

-1978 First solo
-1991 Private Certificate
-2002 Long Beach CC. Major: Professional Pilot AS…..Deans List
-2004 Instrument Rating
-2004 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Major: Professional Aeronautics, Minors; Aviation
Safety and Aviation Business Management. Honors (Magna Cum Laude) graduate.
-2006 Long Beach CC Program Certificate Professional Pilot
-2006 Commercial, CFI and CFII, and IGI Certificates

"I fly Cessnas, Pipers and Slings. My dream was to fly and now I help others reach their aviation goals. I’ve been a Certified Flight Instructor since 2006 and all of my flying experience is from teaching. I teach from Sport Pilot up to the Flight Instructor certificate and I love what I do."