Sling Pilot Academy FAA Workforce Development Grant Scholarship

Private Pilot

All Private Pilot Scholarships have been granted.

Sling Pilot Academy has been awarded a $500,000 Grant as part of the FAA’s Aviation Workforce Development Grant (link). The purpose of this grant is to promote aviation careers to the workforce.

Sling is awarding scholarships for:

Private Pilot Scholarship Details:

Selection Criteria

  • Ability to start flying soon and finish Private before March 1, 2024
  • Interested in and likely to pursue a Commercial Pilot Career
  • Financial ability and time available to continue with 6-month Course after completion (preferably within the following year) – Optional
  • Preferably in High School or recently-graduated (not essential)
  • From the local area
  • Students from rural areas or disadvantaged circumstances to be represented
  • Ethnic minorities to be represented


  • Minimum age: 17
  • Able to pass a Class 1 Medical (covered by Grant)
  • Must be able to fluently speak, read, write and understand the English language
  • Due to aircraft limitations, students taller than 6’3″ or weighing more than 220 lbs may not be able to train at SPA

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What is included in this scholarship?

Description Cost Qty Per Student Per Student
King Schools Online Courseware Curriculum $364 1 $364
First Class Aviation Medical $180 1 $180
FAA Knowledge Test $175 1 $175
Sling Aircraft Hours, including fuel $140 60 $8,400
Flight Instructor Flight Hours $70 60 $4,200
Flight Instructor Ground Hours $70 35 $2,450
FAA Examiner Practical Test Fee $900 1 $900
Total Value $16,669


All Private Pilot scholarships awarded. We hope to have more next year.



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