Sling TSi Transition Training

Sling TSi kit transition training, instrument competency training and Flight Reviews

Experimental Sling TSi available for VFR and IFR transition training via FAA LODA

Because the Sling TSi has modern features, equipment and avionics not easily found in other airplanes, the FAA has granted us a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) to conduct transition training (not training towards a certificate) in the Sling TSi, including:

  • Sling TSi Specific Make and Model Initial Transition Training
  • Sling TSi Specific Make and Model Flight Review Training
  • Sling TSi Instrument Competency Training for Specific Make and Model

The Sling TSi can be flown in actual IMC.

Note: The Sling TSi is not available for rental – only dual instruction for one of the 3 courses listed above.


Block Upgrade

Academy and Club Students can upgrade a block of their Sling NGT time to Sling TSi time to achieve the transition training checkout and perhaps gain some valuable actual IMC time.



The training syllabus is available for download here: Sling TSi Flight Training Syllabus 1.1