Free Online Ground School

Free 8-week Online Instrument Pilot Ground School – Available to All

Sling Pilot Academy hope that you and yours are staying safe as we navigate this scary time in terms of our collective health and in terms of the economy.

We have transitioned to online ground school via Zoom, and to give back to the aviation community Sling Pilot Academy is offering our daily Instrument Ground school free to anyone who registers. It is our way of providing to those who are stuck at home, but still ready and willing to learn.


SPA Gives Back

  • SPA invites you to join our Instrument Ground School for free as a Webinar Viewer.
  • Starts May 18 2020 and runs until July 10 2020 (8-Week Program).
  • Time: 9am-10:30am Pacific every week day (Mon-Fri).
  • Back Issues: If you miss a ground session you can watch the recording later

Register For Our Free 8-Week Instrument Ground School here:


  • Watch the Zoom Ground School on your PC or Tablet/Phone
  • Most references are FAA handbooks available for free here (including the Instrument Flying Handbook):
  • If you would like to follow along with the homework assignments given daily, you can purchase the King Instrument Rating Course below (not required to join free course):


King Instrument Rating Course (optional purchase)

The Cessna Instrument Rating training includes multi-media lessons, followed by fun, interactive questions. You’ll have access to flight-preview videos for bot G1000 and analog equipped aircraft—plus a complete FAA knowledge exam review program—and it’s available anywhere you have Internet access. Your personal login will maintain a record of which sessions you have completed and will allow you to continue where you left off if you are interrupted. The course never expires and it’s always kept up-to-date, so you’ll have access to all of the in-depth knowledge sessions and flight previews well after you have completed your training.

iPad/iPhone App
The Cessna Instrument Rating course lessons can be downloaded onto your iPad or iPhone and viewed later when online or offline, with the Cessna Companion App. New – Access the FAA Test Prep, Reference Library, Flight Training Progress, Cessna Facebook Page & Submit Technical or Course Feedback without having to log in! The app is available through the Apple App Store by searching for “Cessna Companion”, or click this link.


BUY King Schools Instrument Course Now

(Optional Purchase – not required to join free Online Ground School)


Instructor Endorsement to take FAA Instrument Knowledge Test

Students who take our free online ground school, purchase the King Instrument Rating Course (and complete all the King Course tasks), and get more than 85% on the King practice tests are eligible for a CFI sign-off to take the FAA Instrument Knowledge Test.


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