Diversity and Inclusivity: Women Aviators

Sling Pilot Academy is trying to change the ratios – right now less than 4% of Commercial Airline Pilots in the United States are female. We regularly have more than 20% female Student and Instructor bodies.

Sling Pilot Academy is taking the aviation world by storm and making it easier for female pilots to take to the skies! We recognize that the industry has long been dominated by men and is in dire need of some diversity. That’s why they’re partnering with organizations that promote gender equality (such as Women in Aviation and the 99’s) and actively recruiting and mentoring female students. Sling Pilot Academy is making sure that female pilots get the representation they deserve by creating a welcoming and supportive environment for women in our organization. With equal opportunities for success, Sling Pilot Academy is making the aviation industry a more exciting and empowering place for all women. So, ladies, it’s time to soar high and reach for the stars – Sling Pilot Academy has got your back!

We can change the tide…

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