Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Packages

The Airlines have called and said they want you. You meet all the requirements for the ATP rating (1,500+ hrs. total time), but have no Multi-Engine Rating. We can help.

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Accelerated Multi-Engine Courses

As many experienced pilots are recognizing, being an airline pilot is a great career option again. At the same time, most pilots realize that although they meet all the experience requirements for the ATP Certificate, they don’t have the Multi-Engine Rating required by most airlines.


What the Airlines are Looking For

Typically airlines want to see applicants with Commercial and Instrument ratings and at least 1,500 hours total time… and a Multi-Engine Rating. You’ll need:

    1. 1,500 total Airplane hours
    2. Commercial ASEL and Instrument Airplane Ratings
    3. Commercial Multi-Engine Rating with at least 25 hrs Multi-Engine time

If you have points 1 and 2 covered, we can help you with point 3!

The Multi-Engine Course

accelerated multi-engine ratings flight training

The Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Rating is a fun rating to add to your existing Commercial Single-Engine Certificate. There is no knowledge test required and no minimum time – just ground and flight training to achieve proficiency and then a practical test (checkride) with an Examiner (DPE).

As an “Add-On” rating you will be working on both VFR and IFR operations while getting familiar with the operation of a twin-engine aircraft with complex systems (retractable gear and constant speed props). Much of the training is getting used to working with the additional systems, getting used to flying with a flow (backed up by checklist) and coming to grips with the additional decisions required when flying a twin (take-off go/no-go decisions).

The rating is a steep learning curve that takes a single-engine pilot from feeling like a beginner again to feeling like a pro at the controls of a far more complex machine.

Most pilots can reach required proficiency to be ready for the Checkride in 10-15 hours of training.

Redbird Simulator

accelerated multi-engine ratings flight training redbird simulator

We have a Redbird Full Motion AATD Simulator with Tecnam controls and G1000 avionics. We incorporate this into our training to get pilots used to the flows and controls of the Tecnam/G1000 before the real flying starts! Invaluable time and a G1000 refresher for those who need it.

Ground Training

Ground knowledge training includes the aerodynamic differences of flying a twin (vs a single), asymmetric thrust – flying with single engine, drag, weight and balance for larger airplanes, performance and take-off decisions, complex systems and others.


We offer three basic Multi-Engine packages. Pilots will normally achieve the Multi-Engine Add-On Rating in the 15-hour package. However, most airlines require 25 hours of multi-engine time. Some require 50 or more, and most will look more favorably at an applicant with more multi-engine hours.

Multi Add-On 15

Type of TrainingHours/Total
Dual Multi-Engine Time (P2006T)15 hours
Redbird AATD Time3 hours
Ground School8 hours
Total Price$6,665

Multi Add-On 25

Type of TrainingHours/Total
Dual Multi-Engine Time (P2006T)25 hours
Redbird AATD Time3 hours
Ground School8 hours
Total Price$10,415

Multi Add-On 50

Type of TrainingHours/Total
Dual Multi-Engine Time (P2006T)50 hours
Redbird AATD Time3 hours
Ground School8 hours
Total Price$19,790

ground training multi engine airplane

What Pricing Does and Doesn’t Include

  • Pricing includes the airplane (wet) hours quoted for the package
  • Pricing includes CFI dual instruction time for the hours quoted
  • Pricing does not include any overages in time – these will be charged at current hourly rates ($295/hr for the airplane – wet, and $80 for the CFI)
  • Pricing does not include the Examiner (Checkride) Fee (normally $800-$1,000)
  • Pricing does not include the aircraft rental during the Checkride (if not achieved inside course hours)

Three Speeds

Sling Pilot Academy specializes in accelerated training programs. We understand sometimes time is of the essence to meet the requirements for a flying job. So, we have 3 speeds you can take your initial training. Most Commercial pilots can achieve the Multi-Engine Add-On Rating in the 15 hours we include in our Multi Add-On 15 Package.

The three speeds of the Multi Add-On 15 Package are:

One Week Course

Two Week Course

Fly Whenever Course

2 x approx. 1.5-hr flights per day for 5 days, plus ground 1 x approx. 1.5-hr flight per day for 10 days, plus ground Fly whenever you have time (we work around your schedule)

Start any of these courses anytime!

Note: We have Examiners on site every 3-6 weeks to conduct multi-engine Checkrides. This needs to be co-ordinated with training start/end times for best efficiency.

Why Sling Pilot Academy?

Safer Airplanes

  • We operate Tecnam P2006T airplanes. They are new-generation, efficient light twins.
  • Good rudder authority means Vmc (minimum controllable airspeed) is very close to stall, so little chance of Vmc rollover.
  • Flap extension, gear extension and gear operation airspeeds are all the same – so easy to manage.
  • Our airplanes are modern, glass cockpit (Garmin G1000 avionics) trainers.

Quick Progress

  • We have 4 Tecnam twins and ample MEI’s to be able to cater to your requirements (One Week, Two Week or slower course).
  • We can fly once or twice a day with you, depending on your need.

Lower Cost

  • Because our airplanes are more efficient to operate we pass on lower pricing than most multi-engine training.

Great Location, Great Weather

  • Torrance airport, with its 2 runways and practice area 5 minutes away, is ideal for training.
  • Enjoy Los Angeles near the beach while not flying.
  • We have great weather almost year-round.

Sling Pilot Academy Multi-Engine Training Videos (Playlist)

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