The airlines work on seniority – first in, first up. So, the sooner you start building seniority, the better. With Sling Pilot Academy, you can get your hours sooner and start your career sooner.

And, it is important to note, that if you start your career a year later, since there is a mandatory FAA retirement age for airline pilots, you will end up missing out on one of your highest-earning years at the end of your career – when you are earning at the highest level! So, every year you delay, you miss out on a high-earning year.

Sling Pilot Academy can get you there sooner:


Sling Pilot Academy vs a 4 Year School


Cost of 4 Year School                                                          $180,000

Cost of Sling Pilot Academy                                                -$62,595

Additional Cost to Train at 4 Year School                       $117,405


Career Earnings Sling Pilot Academy                              $9,479,001

Career Earnings 4 Year School                                    -$8,652,945

Additional Lifetime Earnings                                        $826,056


So, adding it up….


Additional Cost to Train at 4 Year School                        $117,405

Additional Lifetime Earnings getting started earlier         $826,056

Net Benefit with Sling Pilot Academy                          $943,461


Source of earnings data: Envoy/American Airlines Group


Career Earnings – Sling Pilot Academy vs. 4 Year School


With Sling Pilot Academy, get to peak earnings sooner…