These instructions for for Sling Pilot Academy San Diego Location (at Gillespie Airport – KSEE).
Please click here if you intend to attend our Los Angeles Location (at Torrance Airport – KTOA).

The TSA requires all non-citizen flight students to go through a brief background check before starting their FAA Initial, Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings (not for other ratings). This should only take 2 weeks to complete, but must be done before flight training begins. You do not have to do this before your intro flight, though.

Start this application as soon as possible by creating a new candidate account on the top right:
·         School: American Aviation Academy (our Corporate name for our KSEE location)
·         Put a year down for your total estimated training time.
·         Course name: “Initial” or “Instrument Rating” or “Multi-Engine Rating
·         Course number: “1” (Initial/Private), “2” (for Instrument), “3” (for Multi-Engine)
·         Category: 3
·         Our aircraft type is a Sling LSA (for Initial and Instrument) or Tecnam P2006T (for Multi-Engine)
Please bring your passport to your first lesson so we may take a copy. We will also take a photograph of you when you first arrive for our records.
Note: for Academy Students joining our 6-month or 9-month full-time program, create a training request for all 3 courses (Initial, Instrument, Multi-Engine) with your initial TSA application, since you will do all ratings within a year (and that is the length given by the TSA when granting a training request).
More information on the application process is here: Note that you will get several messages from TSA requesting documents and providing instructions. It is imperative that you read these emails carefully and follow all instructions. You will be required to pay fees to TSA as well as get fingerprinted during the process.