What Is Flight Training?

Flight Training is Critical. Flight Training is Essential.

CISA has identified flight training as a part of our critical infrastructure.

Without flight training there are no new pilots and existing pilots lose their pilot privileges.

Without flight training there would be no air transportation, no airfreight, no next day delivery, no medical evacuation, and no organ delivery.

Sling Pilot Academy is first and foremost an academy, with a diverse group of students coming from all different walks of life, including many students coming from the South Bay itself.

Are Flight Training Numbers Up?

There is a severe commercial pilot shortage worldwide, which has increased demand for pilots.

When analyzing the graph, you can see that our current numbers are still not at the peak of what they were prior.

This is a natural fluctuation in trends, and rises and falls in response to the demand for pilots.

All airline pilots start their flight training at small general aviation airports like Torrance Airport.


Next-Generation Flight Training

Sling Pilot Academy is the ONLY major flight school using next-generation airplanes that operate using modern engines that are much quieter and more efficient than traditional flight school airplanes.

This was implemented in order to be the best neighbors we can be.

Unleaded Gasoline

Sling Pilot Academy is the ONLY major flight school using primarily unleaded gasoline.

The rest of the flight training fleet is on a schedule to be mostly rid of leaded AvGas by 2030.

We wanted to be ahead of the curve in order to make sure the environment and the health of the community are the priority.

Working With The Community

Sling Pilot Academy is the ONLY flight school to sign a Letter of Agreement for the City of Torrance to agree to be the best neighbors we could be, and to make our voluntary noise abatement procedures official.

Flight Training is not going away from Torrance Airport. Sling Pilot Academy is the next generation in flight training, using airplanes far quieter than other flight schools, using unleaded gasoline, and being prepared to listen to our community and respond with concrete actions. We are residents and partners within our community, and it is of utmost importance for us to positively benefit the community.