Here are 5 reasons why, even during this coronavirus-induced severe downturn in many industries including commercial aviation, starting along the path of an Airline Pilot is still a great idea…


1) The Airline Pilot Career still has career earnings of close to $10 million

According to Aviation Consultant Kit Darby, “A 30-year career at one of our Major airline’s averages over $10,000,000 in today’s dollars. A 6.6%, 2-year loss, is $660,000 which is slightly offset by whatever you are earning while you wait 2-years so, maybe $560,000 is the total loss. Very sad indeed, but what remains is a $9,440,000 career where you get to enjoy one of the best flying jobs in the world while working about 15 days per month on average.”


2) The Airline Industry is expected to recover in 2-3 years

The airlines have weathered many storms, and the airline industry is expected to recover from the effects of this coronavirus in 2-3 years, about the time it takes to become qualified to be an airline pilot candidate.

Source: Kit Darby at


3) Senior Pilot Early Retirements are Accelerating

The airlines have been offering ‘early out’ retirement packages to senior pilots to keep pilot furloughs to a minimum. What this means is that there are more retirements than already predicted (which contributed the the pre-COVID pilot shortage), which could result in even better hiring opportunities for new pilots after the recovery in 2-3 years, and the return of the ‘pilot shortage’.

Source: Kit Darby at

4) The Airline Pilot Career is Still One of the Most Fun and Adventurous Careers Out There

Not many careers let you fly across continents as the ‘captain of your own ship’ and live a life of travel, adventure and freedom as the airline pilot career does. You can fly almost anywhere for free as an airline pilot on your days off. And you get about half the days off every month!


5) You Can Do It

Getting the FAA Certificates required to gain the experience to become an Airline Pilot is around $65,595 at Sling Pilot Academy. That is far less money than required for many college degrees that result in careers with earnings and adventure a mere fraction of the airline pilot career.


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