Here are 10 reasons girls should learn to fly…

(All photos are Sling Pilot Academy students and Instructors)


1) Opportunity

The many doors of aviation will come flying open – no glass ceiling at 40,000ft


2) Community

Instant community for life.


3) Perspective

Flying is a gift and gives you a truly unique perspective that only pilots will understand.

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4) Security

Financial security – a career in the industry will make her an independent woman.


5) Because it’s badass…

Honestly, can you think of anything cooler?


6) Confidence

With each rating, she will stand a little taller, and realize she really can do anything.


7) Skill

Being a pilot is a skill and a trade. Everyone should have one.


8) Joy

The gift of flight is incredible and brings joy throughout a fruitful career.


9) Travel

The opportunity to travel and see the world and absorb culture… it feeds the soul and helps her become a more well-rounded woman.


10) Non-Traditional

“Anything he can do, she can do it better”


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